Tuesday 27 Jun, 2017

DGL Logistics Pty Ltd

Transport Fleet Operations Safety

As an operator of specialised fleets, we continually keep innovation at the forefront of our operations by designing and working with equipment manufacturers to create specialised equipment solutions, including vehicle combinations accredited under the Performance Based Scheme.

These specialised combinations provide both DGL and customers a competitive edge by ensuring increased productivity and creating smarter ways to deliver freight.

Our fleet is monitored by GPS tracking and our clients receive access to the system for complete visibility.

Compliance to the National Heavy Vehicle accreditation scheme – Maintenance Management ensures DGL’s modern fleet is maintained to the highest standard and in line with manufacturer guidelines. Whilst our equipment is highly maintained and modern, we believe that people still hold the key to safe operations. Our internal quality management system incorporate a comprehensive internal E-learning program which ensures operators are trained on safety performance, load restraint, chain of responsibility and fatigue management and is undertaken by all employees prior to commencement. This training is regularly followed up with refresher sessions.
Our clients can feel at ease that DGL is committed to meeting chain of responsibility requirements.