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Tuesday 27 Jun, 2017

DGL (Aust) Pty Ltd



One of DGL’s major contracts provides the transport of glass bottles from the manufacturer ( O.I Glass ) to their customers XXXX brewery, CUB brewery and many various bottling companies.
With 18 pallets per trailer and upwards of 900 bottles pallet, transport is slow and fragile work with the standard types of load restraint providing little to no assistance with securing these pallets.

DGL designed and patented the “Concept Trailer” Incorporating the already popular roll on roll off chain drive floor, these trailers have full trailer length pneumatic operated side walls that clamp the entire pallet and glass product to a centre wall. The walls are lifted when loading and unloading to provide space for the load to freely roll on or off and are lowered during transport to ensure pallets are securely clamped reducing pallet collapses and increasing driver safety significantly.



Steerable Trailer 

Besides our modern and versatile fleet we also use specialised vehicles for specific transports. Extendable trailers are available for oversized transport and we also offer our  highly flexible trackaxle extendable trailers. These units are capable of carrying products with a total length of up to 40 meters and 8 tonnes weight. With their ability to steer the front and the back of the tri-axle unit independently, an enormous amount of flexibility is given to conduct oversized transport which were very hard to do before. The units are also equipped with an airbag suspension for reasons of load sharing, which gives your transported product a soft and stable ride.